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  • Lakers: Sloppy beginning I thought it would be ideal for Nash to run the P&R with Howard. Alley-oop passes and dunks galore, right? But if defenses are going to maim Howard and simply send him to the foul line, then the P&R with Superman becomes kryptonite. It's too easy to locate the bricklayer and hack him.

  • Movies? Bernie? Dictator?
    06/04/12 | Film Review
    I didn't know until the final credits that all the townsfolk talking on camera were REAL people.

  • RIP Mike Wallace
    04/16/12 | Media Industry

  • Math are hard?
    03/07/12 | General
    Guys who come to the gym or the park and act like bullies on the elementary school playground — when they're losing — are just a classic case of what John Wooden once said: "Winning builds character. Losing reveals it."

  • Just fine without the turkey
    11/25/11 | Family
    Nov. 25, 2011 In the busyness of everyday life, who really knows whether our life is the gooey, stinky, but tasty and cheesy part ... or if it's the holes in that block of cheese, the airy, ethereal area that...

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