ILH football championship: Pupule's pick
Posted at 5:30 PM

Nov. 3, 2011
A chat with Kamehameha alum Kyle Galdeira about tonight's ILH title game.

Kyle: honnndaaaa! Kamehameha 20, Punahou 10
book it

Pupule: haaa
you bleed blue
i say 3-0
fairbairn 59-yd fg as time expires

Kyle: horrible
Punahou will bleed blue after this one

Pupule: but that'll be after pawn-white barely misses from 52 yards with 1:00 to go

Kyle: haha

Pupule: stant will argue with the white hat that the clock still should have :01 on it
pun will pooch it.
ks will fair catch

Kyle: wow
you have this all planned out

Pupule: at the 49, because it's a fair catch, ks can free kick it off a tee for a FG try
this would be 61 yards.
pawn-white jogs onto the field with his tee
then stant changes his mind because the cross wind and rain are too much
so ks runs a hook and ladder
then the ladder guy (TALIULU) stops, heaves a perfect spiral from the right sideline to the left (50 yards)
stevens catches it
he sprints to the pylon
marting and sakai have an angle
stevens leaps
he is floating out of bounds but sticks the ball in the air over the pylon
the official is 20 yards back
they miss the TD
they rule the ball is out at the 1
game over
punahou wins 3-0
sorry kyle

Kyle: aaahahahahaha

Pupule: the replay on the big board shows he had the ball over the pylon by an inch
fans go ballistic

End Part 1

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