Movies? Bernie? Dictator?
Posted at 11:08 AM

The Dictator and Bernie. There's something to like about Dictator, more to like about Bernie.

The Dictator 2.5 (out of 4), Ward Theaters. Still feels like Cohen is inflicting his singular point of view on the masses. At times doing anything to (hopefully) extract a laugh. But there are a few scenes that go beyond his previous limitations and I liked the closing speech.

Bernie 3.0 (out of 4), Kahala Theaters. I didn't know until the final credits that all the townsfolk talking on camera were REAL people. This is more like a backtrack investigative piece on a possible criminal or not. Best thing was the way Jack Black's Bernie character kind of got me to pull for him, but inevitably, the crime was committed and the real Bernie remains in prison for decades. Black was made for this character, a small-town busybody who was (and apparently still is) popular with older people and always singing in one form or another.

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